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I am peeling potatoes.

A man watches me through a gap in the clouds

He is an astronaut eager to make contact and flirt.

But, he doesn't say a thing.

Annoyed by his silence

I throw a potato at him.

He laughs

while two red Trabant cars

fall from his hair.

either Jessica or Jane

today something extraordinary

is to happen—

the postman will bring me either a baby or a cake 

if he brings me cake, it has to be a Sachertorte

if he brings me a baby, I will call him Adam  

just like in the movie

the postman rings twice 

I open the door, giggle and pretend to be


all these details are clear to me 

what I am unsure about is my postal address

and my name

I can’t remember my name!

It might be either Jessica or Jane

Réka Nyitrai is a spell, a sparrow, a lioness's tongue — a bird nest in a pool of dusk. She is a Hungarian-Romanian poet, the recipient of a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award for 2020 for her debut haiku volume While Dreaming Your Dreams (Valencia Spain: Mono Ya Mono Books, 2020). She is the coauthor of Barking of the coming rain a haibun collection published by Alba Publishing. Her full length collection will be out with Broken Sleep Books in September 2024.

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